my last purchases

These are the pieces that I bought 2 days ago...
just some casual stuff but that's what I needed.

I wanted some red ballerinas for a long time and I found those cute ones in Stradivarius for 17.95€. Red goes really great with jeans, I love it :)
I needed some simple tops too and I found the grey one with some tricot and the red one, both for 9.95€ also in Stradivarius.

This pink top with a black bow, is so adorable! can't wait to wear it. It's from Blanco and it was 18€.

These floral wedges are my favorite purchase of that day. They are also from Blanco and I just love them because they match any color (pink, red, green, yellow, blue...) really nice for summer! (17.95€)

Also found these pink shorts in H&M for 9.95€ and I just love the color.

And of course, bought my copy of the album Bionic of my diva, Christina Aguilera ♥ aka Madam X or X-tina :)

At home, I cropped one pair of my old jeans to make some shorts, it's really in vogue, as you may know.
I was going to buy ones but since they look the same way.. :p I prefered to crop some jeans not to waste money.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! :)

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25 comentários:

  1. I really love the grey top, the shoes and the jeansshort..wow, all is really great :)

  2. Lovely shoes and shorts jeans <3

  3. I just LOVE these shorts and that grey blouse!

  4. adorei os calçoes de ganga vou ver se compro uns iguais para mim xD
    e claro que amei o cd da Diva Christina Aguilera!!
    Muito Obrigado pelos teus comentarios!! e muito obrigada por seguires o meu blog eu tbm tou a seguir o teu!!
    eu tambem achei que foi uma optima ideia terem escolhido a "you lost me" para 2º single a musika é lindissima e mts pessoas identificam-se com ela!! eu tambem adoro a glam e a i am.

  5. Compras Fantásticas, já eu não tive a mesma sorte...

  6. You made some great purchases!! I love those red flats! They will look lovely with some jeans. My favorite top that you bought is the gray one it's simple and feminine. I love to buy things like those floral shoes when I know they will match a lot of different colors. Sometimes I don't buy something because I will think that is cute but I don't have anything to match that!

    I would have saved money by cutting my own jean shorts too and you did a great job!

    Thanks for all the comments!


  7. Love the grey tank, its so cute!
    Ahhh! And I love Christina's new album. Glam is my favorite song nowq. haha. :)

  8. I live in casual so it's good to invest. All your purchases are super cute!


  9. gorgeous - I actually love all the pieces, especially the floral shoes and the lacey tops :)
    great blog xx

  10. Great purchases! Love the floral print xo


  11. so fabulous! i love the lace & the pink shorts :)

  12. hi darling. hope youre having a wonderful weekend! thanks for stopping by me!
    i love the new wedges you got yourself- theyre perfect for summer!

    xx ediot

  13. I love your purchases, except for maybe Christina, I'm not a fan of hers. :)
    But those wedges and flats are amazing, and tops are adorable! You have really good taste!

  14. the floral wedges are really cool.

  15. Ohh eu fiz exactamente a mesma coisa com os meus jeans!
    Tão giros! Adoro, todas as compras. Que grande dia han?

    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  16. love the wedges :)
    check out my recent shopping post?

  17. you bought a lot of goodies!
    chic blog!

  18. so smart with those shorts (jeans) i did the same thing, i like live in shorts now that its summer. oh and i love the pink shorts i got a blue pair from H&M for $7 and it doesn't have front pockets! oh well check out my blog at mermaidnotebook.com

  19. wow i want to buy xtinas album too ~
    come check out my blog when u have time

  20. Hey there :D Love your grey top and wedges most of all, really beautiful pieces! :D Great haul you have ((:

    Thanks for dropping by too! I'm definitely following you. Follow me too? (:




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