My Diva

Christina Aguilera ♥
Refered as "the voice of her generation".
Singing must be the "only" thing she does since she was a little child. She was made to sing.
She is in the "music business" from more than a decade and she really is my Diva :)


I'm a big fan of her, I love as a singer, as a woman and also as a fashion and sex symbol.
Now, she is back with her new CD "Bionic" wich I'm very excited to buy. It's going to be released worldwide tomorow! *.*
This is why I want to talk about her and the reasons why I love her.

So here it goes...

I love her since her album "Stripped" wich was indeed the first CD I bought :) Her songs are mainly about love, spirituality, female empowerment and grief.
I fell in love with her powerfull voice, her strong and fragile personality at the same time, because of the domestical violence that she suffered when she was a child that made and some other problems in her music carrer that made her a stronger person and an example for me and for many womans. At that time, she was in a rebellion phase and so I was too. I can say that "she" helped me to overcome my problems and made me a stronger person too. And she keeps doing that! She has plenty of songs that can really motivate people to dry the tears and to move on.

The "Back to Basics" album was so diferent, I loved the "old school" beats, the jazz, soul (...) I also identified myself too much with that album because I was in a happier phase of my life, I had met the boy of my life, who I'm still with :') And so she was, she had married Jordan Bratman and she had some very cute songs for him on the album such as "Save me from myself" and "The right man".


For me this is one of her BEST live performances, she sings with such a strong atitude and great vocals! (hear it loud :)

One of the things that I most admire in her is the fact that she does what she wants, shes wants women to be free and confident about themselves, she never stops, she doesnt' like to have always the same music/clothes style. She loves dramatical changes, as you certainly know.

Now, after having her sun "Max", she is back with "Bionic" and you can see perfectly how much she loves to change.


She went from a jazz, soul mood to one completely futuristic !
The album is going to be released tomorow but I've already heard almost all of the songs in her official website, which is great because she presents the album and describes the message of each song.
She sais tat the main message of her album is for us to have fun with it, be confident about ourselves and enjoy life the most. She was inspired by her son and I can really see it when I hear the songs. She feels more self-confident than ever, she left the past behind and she wants this to be really revolutionary :)


I put my favorite songs of her new album on my playlist here on my blog so you can listen.

This one is one of my favorites (live):

PS- I will talk about her style in the next post otherwise this post would be TOO heavy and long x'D

Hope you enjoy :)


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  1. I love her songs and I'm still a fan of hers since her Genie in a bottle days :-)! Those pictures are really awesome! I love the one with half of her face covered like a robot! I think your blog is great and I hope to see more of your posts soon! xoxoxoxxoxoxooxxoo

  2. I love her voice!!! is simply spectacular!!!


  3. thanks so much for stoppingby and commenting my blog! i love your posts so i followed you :)

  4. I love her, I really do. I haven't listened to her new stuff, and I wasn't even that much of a fan of her last album but I really love her anyway! I think she's beautiful and her voice is amazing. And since getting married/become a mother, she just seems so happy! I love the contentment I see in her. Did you see the post I did on her fashion shoot a few weeks back? She looks AMAZING! xo

  5. i love her voice, but i didnt like her last cd

  6. Olá!!
    Tudo bem??
    Obrigada pela tua opinião!!! :D


  7. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for following! I am a huge fan of Christina and I can't wait to see your next post on her style!


  8. i always love her songs!! and her looks now soo adorable i love red lipstick ! :D

  9. I never thought of Christina as an idol for women! It's really interesting to hear your feelings on her. I'm more into Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, or Shirley Manson as inspiring vocalists. :D


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